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Finding the best school for a promising career in pharmacy tech in the United States is a crucial step. It is vital that one uses the most trusted means to find a school of their choice!We minimize all the frills and pains of research by brining the best schools out to you, which are just a click away. aims at catering the needs for thousands of aspiring pharmacy technicians in the United States. This portal is the ultimate resource for information on training, programs, schools, certification, salary and jobs and other educational and career aspects of pharmacy technician field. One can definitely gain a tremendous encouraging career, go ahead with straightforward information, collected from the most trusted means.

Featured Pharmacy Technician Schools


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  • Diploma - Pharmacy Technician
Locations: WoodbridgeChesapeake
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  • Pharmacy Technician Program

Fortis Institute can give you the skills you need to train for a career in the healthcare field.

* Programs vary by location

* Please contact each individual campus for accreditation information


  • Pharmacy Technology
Locations: Norfolk

Pharmacy Technician Schools, Salaries and Certification By States


Choosing The Right Pharmacy School

Pharmacy TechnicianChasing the Right Dream: – Before really seeking a pharmacy school, you should ask yourself the question; Is Pharmacy really my subject of interest? , with so many medical careers to choose from, balance your options and choices, Evaluate yourself and have a futuristic vision in seeing yourself in the future as a Pharmacist. If your mind and heart both concord to the idea of pharmacist, only then pursue in seeking a pharmacy school.

 Evaluating Skill Sets and Interests:-  A mere dream would not help you to chase the dream of a successful pharmacist, you should have a stronghold interest in dispensing medicines, in  carrying out pharmaceutical preparations, astute mind for various medications and their functions along with desire to research  and update your skill sets. Interests in biology chemistry are a must.

Digging Deep: -   The label of a “Public” or “private” doesn’t really tell you much, so don’t overlook schools by their characterization, because there are equally ill equipped schools in both public and private domains. A mere reputation too shouldn’t affect your decision, there are many schools which were very good previously who have let their reputation go to dust of late thanks mainly to lousy administration and kind of teachers recruited. Always ensure the schools you choose are accredited by Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education.

Researching through test-drives:- Visit the pharmacy technician schools you’re interested at-least twice on its regular working day. Seek permissions to observe teachers and their teaching methodologies, see if it appeals to you. Talk to former and present students casually on their thoughts about the schools and their thoughts on much needed amendments lacking in school.

Paralysis by  Overboard analysis:- Too much of anything is a curse, be careful in not going overboard in collecting too much information, every school has its shortcomings , no school can satiate all your needs , so be careful in choosing the school that fulfills most of your needs and obligations if not all. There would be a moment when you have to take the word of the school administration in certain, be judicious in making that right decision.

 Knowing Your Personal Needs and Hunting them: - Though many schools may have similar but not identical curriculum, their modus operandi too would be different, some individuals would like to have more choices in curriculum and specializations. Some individuals would be interested in nuclear pharmacy while some in Veterinary while others in General Pharmacy. The same can be said about scholarship options for students those who cannot afford pharmacy schools would be on a look out for colleges that offer them these options. Those who are working would like to have more flexibility and may opt for online schools rather than regular schools. It’s all about being sticking to your guns and hunting such a school that suits your personal needs.

Of Instincts and Personal Touch: – The final stage happens when you follow your instincts and opt for those colleges that add the flavor of personal touch.  Schools that are quite genial and accommodating always instinctively appeal to you and only after it satisfies the above conditions do you make this final call in choosing the pharmacy school. 


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