Pharmacy Technician Schools, Salaries and Certification Info in Hawaii

Hawaii offers technical schools and colleges too many students who want to make a career in the pharmacy field. Colleges such as Hawaii Technology Institute are a great place to get started with one’s pharmacy education and take up courses that are relevant to receiving pharmacy education. This college offers one with entry level positions as a pharmacy technician or pharmaceutical assistant.

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  • Pharmacy Technician Program

Hawaii Technology Institute

Hawaii Technology Institute is a college in Honolulu, Hawaii. They offer a pharmacy technician program that allows students over there to become a pharmacy technician. The program is an 18 week program with a total of 15 weeks in the classroom and 3 weeks as internship program. The program is usually held in the evening. A certificate of completion in pharmacy technician is awarded to whoever maybe completing the course. This program provides training and live skills to students including knowledge in pharmacy areas, practice, technique, calculations, inventory management, law and ethics in pharmacy, and hospital pharmacy. After passing out from this college one can find jobs as pharmacy technician that can have roles like preparing medical labels, verify prescriptions, keep patient files up to date, stock medications, tablet counting and preparing medicine orders, handle refill request, and answer patient queries. Students can also complete a training program in the form of internship in a pharmacy setting. This provides students hands-on experience that helps them to gain skills and knowledge in various aspect and pharmacy technician jobs. Check online at this website at to know more about this program.

Jobs as Pharmacy Technician in Hawaii

As a pharmacy technician in Hawaii, one can choose to work in Honolulu. It has quite a few jobs in that area and average pay is pretty good too in comparison to other cities in the US.

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