Pharmacy Technician Training Programs, Courses, Certification, Jobs and Schools in Maine

With the increase of pharmacy technical programs in the medical field, the demand for medical professionals including pharmaceutical companies have increased. With better opportunities to this field, the pharmacy technician program has become a much known field among candidates. There are better options to train oneself in the field of pharmacy that will help them advance in the field of pharmacy.

Pharmacy Tech Training Programs and Courses in Maine

A basic high school degree is a must for all candidates. Candidate who are interested to be in this field can do so by attending college course, enroll in online courses and acquire job training either through internships or other training programs. This will help them to work in any pharmacies in Maine.

Ultimate Medical Academy (UMA) offers industry-relevant knowledge and training for in demand careers in healthcare.

Jobs in healthcare and social assistance are projected to have the fastest job growth between 2010-2020 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In order to address the rapidly growing need for career-ready professionals in many exciting fields, UMA offers associate degrees that can be earned in as few as 15 months.


  • A.S.- Health Sciences (Pharmacy Technician)

Pharmacy Technician Certification in Maine

All applicants must submit a renewal application form to the Maine pharmacy board. They must be registered with the board before they could start working anywhere within the Maine area. They must not have been convicted of any kind of felony or criminal charges. Applicants who need to renew their application must do so, through submission of $20 and submit a renewal application form. A national pharmacy technician training program will be required to allow candidates to work in the field of pharmacy. ExCPT is completely voluntary for people who only require voluntary certification. Registration and licensure is must to work in the state of Maine. Applications must be submitted to Maine board of pharmacy. Advanced pharmacy technicians are required to pass the PTCE certification exam.

Jobs and Schools for Pharmacy Technicians in Maine

Universities that allow training programs in the field of medicine and pharmacy are Intercoast College, Penn Foster Career School, Allied Schools, Ashworth College, and much more. Check out for many online college courses too.

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