Pharmacy Technician Training Programs, Courses, Certifications, Jobs and Schools in South Dakota

Pharmacy Technician is a one who works under the supervised eye of the licensed pharmacist. They also have the responsibility of handing over proper medications with approved dosages to the patients as prescribed by the doctors. They also educate the patients on side effects of the drugs that might occur if taken in large amount. They are also responsible for other functions such as pharmacy administration, customer care etc.

Pharmacy Technician Courses and Training Programs in South Dakota: 

To be a Pharmacy Technician, a basic necessity is a high school degree. South Dakota considers those pharmacy technicians who are either employed by the licensed pharmacist within the state or those who are registered under the State Dakota Board of Pharmacy. There are many courses that last for around 15 weeks on an average of 600 hours offered by various colleges in the state which offer Pharmacy Technician Course for the people.

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  • Pharmacy Technician Program
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  • Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy Technician Certifications in South Dakota: 

There is a multiple choice test exam for about two hours, which upon clearing; you will be honored with the degree of Certified Pharmacy Technician (CphT). In case, you do not clear in the first attempt, you can always take a retest.

Jobs and Schools for Pharmacy Technician in South Dakota: 

There are several schools like North American University, Ashworth College, and Allied Schools etc which provide you with the Pharmacy Tech course. The job scene is also pretty good for the Pharmacy Technicians.  They usually earn up to $43,000 which is about 67% higher when compared to Pharmacy Technicians in other states. There are also several renowned hospitals which provide employment for the same.

For all those who want to feel socially connected, have a sense of pride in self accomplishment, learn about medicines and its interesting facts, a big fat cheque to take care of your family and most important of all, be independent and on your feet, Pharmacy Technician is just the right job for you.

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