Pharmacy Technician’s Letter – Continuing Education

Pharmacy Technician’s Letter provides upright and dependable recommendations along with practical support for a pharmacy technician. It all started in 1985, but today it serves a large number of pharmacy technicians. It has pioneered in presenting continuing education in a very receptive fashion to help pharmacy technicians earn the 20 credit hours. This accreditation is required to continue legitimate practice.

Pharmacy Technician’s Letter is an independent organization and does not associate itself with any pharmaceutical firm. The letter constitutes only one part of the entire program. The Pharmacist’s Letter (a sister publication) furnishes additional benefits. This is the most convenient and time saving manner in which a pharmacy technician can renew his/her license. The integrated tools such as Detail-Documents and comparison charts boost knowledge.

Rules and Regulations for Reaccreditation of a Pharmacy Technician

The pharmacy technician certification board has laid down new rules governing the license of a pharmacy technician. Since methods of treatment today are continuously being improvised, the (Pharmacy Technician’s Certification Board) PTCB mandates that every pharmacy technician renews his/her license every two years from the initial date. Pharmacy Technician’s Letter provides a synopsis of concerned topics and concentrates on putting forth a large number of actionable recommendations. It provides unprejudiced information and does not beat around the bush. The Detail-Documents answer many specific questions related to a few topics, which are also covered in-depth.

Why choose Pharmacy Technician’s Letter for Continuing Education? 

Pharmacy Technician’s Letter has been supporting and providing additional education to Pharmacy Technician’s even before the PTCB implemented the new rules and regulations. Their course materials have been refined over 35 years of experience and determination. Their dedication is justified by the hundreds of testimonials they receive. Pharmacy Technician’s Letter also conducts technician training accompanied by medical guides, up-to-date practice materials and charts. It is a complete package to ensure customer satisfaction within the comfort of your home.

How to get CE (Continuing Education) online from Pharmacy Technician’s Letter

Pharmacy Technician’s Letter provides two convenient ways to obtain the 20 hours of credits required for recertification from the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) or NHA (National HeathCareer Association). The following methods are available:

  • Tech-CE-in-the-letter Credits online.
  • Self Study CE Credits online.

Pharmacy Technicians who subscribe to Pharmacy Technician’s Letter can also earn additional continuing education accredited especially for them on a collection of topics on the Pharmacy Technician’s Letter’s official website

How to Order your Pharmacy Technician’s Letter

Any pharmacy technician seeking recertification can subscribe. You can choose between single and multiple user subscription. You can subscribe for one, two or three years in a single order. One year subscriptions start at a fair price of $77 only.

Benefits of the Subscription

The subscription includes monthly online letters, Detail-Documents and Charts and Pharmacy technician resources. This is not all; it also answers many medical rumors and provides updates on newly approved drugs. You will also have access to; which opens a whole new world of resources.


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